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We are facing a mental health crisis in America.

It's affecting our homes, communities, workplaces, and bottom lines.

Last year:

  • Only 21% of employees reported being engaged in their workplace
  • 12M workdays were lost due to stress, anxiety, & depression
  • One trillion dollars were wasted in lost productivity
  • 30-40% of all disability claims were mental health claims

What we’re doing isn’t working. We need a different approach.  

Onsite's Business Consulting Services is an extension of Onsite's world-class emotional wellness framework designed to support emotionally smart leaders and organizations. 

Our emotional wellness framework will help your organization:  

Increase Engagement  

Unlock Capacity  

Build Resilience  

We help organizations thrive—one human at a time.  

With a 45-year-long track record in the emotional health industry, Onsite is uniquely positioned to address the emotional life of your organization.

Our solutions are crafted to support you and your most important resource—your people.    

Past clients, collaborations, and partnerships:

Our Services

Emotionally Smart Leadership Workshop 

A 4-day workshop designed to be a high-level introduction to Emotionally Smart Leadership principles.

Team Intensive 

Customized solutions designed to address acute, real-time challenges inhibiting the performance of a team or organization that require quick, effective action. 

Leadership Immersion Experience


A 4-month high-impact program for Executive, Senior, and Director-level teams to take collective learning to the next level.   

We were blown away by the entire experience and how welcoming the Onsite team was from start to finish. We were led through a variety of exercises that have allowed our team to grow closer together and improve our communication. We were given a safe space to work through issues that were holding us back as a company with the expertise, and compassion, of Onsite’s top of the line team. 

– Zac Clark, CEO Release Recovery  

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Helping build human-centric organizations that drive results.

Because you shouldn't have to choose between people and profits.

As a leader, it's imperative that you drive results. The most effective leaders achieve sustainable success by unlocking the capacity of themselves and their teams. The problem is that your greatest resources, the humans you lead, are at risk—of disengagement, distraction, stress, and burnout.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation and CNN, 90% of US adults feel that the US is experiencing a mental health crisis. 

The emotional health crisis we face as a society will continue to impact both you and your bottom line until you embrace a new way of leadership. You don't have to choose between people and profits—there is another way.


Leveraging 45 years of expertise in delivering transformational experiences to thousands of individuals across the globe, Onsite’s Business Consulting Services extends our acclaimed wellness framework and methodology to develop emotionally smart leaders and organizations.

Our distinct approach to leadership is designed to increase engagement, unlock capacity, build resilience, AND deliver results.